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Hospitals that seek Joint Commission International (JCI) accreditation is primarily motivated by a desire to establish and sustain a strong culture of safety and quality. The confidence and trust in the community —patients, their families, visitors, and our staff—and convey to them in word and deed the mission of the organization: Safety is the priority.

By pursuing the high standard of JCI accreditation, the organization demonstrates to patients and their families that they care about their safety, respect their rights and privacy, and that they are committed to partnering with them in making decisions about their health care.

For the hospital staff, they can provide a safe working environment in which everyone is treated with respect. In doing so, the organization also commit themselves to improving employee satisfaction.

As an organizational culturethey can demonstrate the openness to learning from situations that do not go as planned. supporting the internal reporting of adverse events so that they can prevent their recurrence and improve the health care experience.

Organizations can provide high-quality and safe patient care to the community, through full implementation of an ongoing and vigorous continuous improvement process.

The JCI accrediting process will enable us to learn how to improve quality and enhance safety. Through accreditation preparation activities, we will create new policies and procedures that improve many aspects of the organization.

Finally, the global trend to achieve JCI accreditation is also a contributing factor. The very best hospitals are seeking and obtaining JCI accreditation. As they grow in international esteem.

Becoming JCI accredited will give us the opportunity to be recognized among the world’s most prestigious health care organizations.