International patient safety goals new

International patient safety goals new


Goal 1: Identify Patients Correctly

Incorrect patient identification usually occurs at the patient registration, electronic data entry and transfer, medication administration, medical and surgical interventions, blood transfusions, diagnostic testing, patient monitoring, and emergency care, It Can happen in every healthcare setting from hospitals and nursing homes to physician offices and pharmacies. The harm is done both to the patient receiving the wrong medication and the patient who failed to receive the correct medication.


Every hospital must develop and implement a process to improve accuracy of patient identifications. The identification process used throughout the hospital requires at least two ways

1. Identify a patient, such as the patient’s name,

2. Identification number,

3. Birth date.

During a verbal patient interaction, the patient identifiers used may consist of patient name and patient birth date.


Identify Patients Correctly- OP during Patient arrival/Reception , Entry to medical records- the patient’s name and an identification number may be used. Special circumstances- Comatose or confused/disoriented patient arrives with no identification, New born when the parents have not immediately chosen a name.


Identify Patients Correctly – IP, Patients may be Sedated, Disoriented, Not fully alert, or Comatose; may change beds, rooms, or locations within the hospital; may have sensory disabilities; may not remember their identity; or may be subject to other situations that may lead to errors in correct identification.


Identify Patients Correctly during medication management- Safe Prescribing, Ordering, and Transcribing practices, Safely Dispense medications in the right dose to the right patient at the right time & verify the medication is correct based on the medication prescription or order.


Identify Patients Correctly during diagnostics like, Procedures for collecting, identifying, handling, safely transporting, and disposing of specimens are established and implemented. Reporting diagnostic test results & performing a cardiac catheterization or diagnostic radiology procedure.


Identify Patients Correctly- OT, immediately prior to the start of the surgical/invasive procedure & The sign-out that is conducted after the procedure.


Identify Patients Correctly Before providing treatment Administering medications, Blood or blood products; Serving a restricted diet tray; or Providing radiation therapy.


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