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Quality has become an important buzzword for the current generation of healthcare providers. Ideally, quality in the hospital encompasses everything it does: how the hospitals care for its patients, how hospitals ensure health and safety of each of its patients and employees, and how it contributes to the overall health and well-being of its communities.

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Safe Health Workers, Safe Patients

Safety refers to the condition of being protected from or unlikely to cause danger, risk, or injury. Similarly healthcare workers require safety from various types of injuries and so do patients from various side effects of the drug, medication errors, prescription errors and dispensing errors.

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International patient safety goals new

Incorrect patient identification usually occurs at the patient registration, electronic data entry and transfer, medication administration, medical and surgical interventions, blood transfusions, diagnostic testing, patient monitoring, and emergency care, It Can happen in every healthcare setting from hospitals and nursing homes to physician offices and pharmacies. The harm is done both to the patient receiving the wrong medication and the patient who failed to receive the correct medication.

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Positioning Clinical Pharmacists’ roles in Indian Health care

Clinical pharmacy has emerged as one of the latest branches of pharmacy in the 21st Century. In India, the health care services entailed the team of physicians, nurses and medical laboratory technicians in hospitals. In USA and Canada the effective health care service involves Clinical pharmacists in the team. The main reason to have them in team is that Clinical pharmacist have versatile knowledge about medication uses; curative and side effect. It is where pharmacists deal with various aspects of patient care, dispensing of drugs and advising patients on the safe and rational use of drugs.

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Three great things have influenced my Life, the foremost remain my parents, who brought me with great selflessness and paid most individual attention, the next which shaped my life are my teachers who sometimes good many times indifferent to individual needs, however we have to bear it, as they cannot serve individual needs, When I am little grown up reading was a great passion friend when we are alone and little money to spend to move with affluent people,

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